Artificial intelligence Is it the end of humanity?

Is it the end of humanity? Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial intelligence has given us ChatGPT, a product that leaves us amazed.

We forget what we have seen so far and start anew.

Until now, technological advancements made us think we were making progress.

Is it intelligence that makes us human?

Human beings are superior to other animals in terms of intelligence, which is why we receive first-class services from the world, such as resources, healthcare, service, and accommodation.

Can artificial intelligence act on its own?

For now, the answer is no.

Artificial intelligence acts based on the information given to it by humans.

It collects and analyzes the information we give it and tries to arrive at the truth. However, we cannot say that every piece of information we provide is necessarily true.

Can artificial intelligence create more intelligent artificial intelligence?

It seems possible. Scientists will use artificial intelligence technology in every field.

Systems with artificial intelligence can develop more intelligent intelligence, and it will become increasingly difficult for us to understand it.

But what if they develop even more advanced intelligence and reach beyond our imagination? This question remains open-ended.

The power struggle between artificial intelligence and humanity

Throughout human history, we have witnessed many bloody wars, and they continue to this day. The world’s resources are limited, and humans are in a fierce struggle to obtain them. At the same time, those in power have their own issues, such as preserving their power and leaving their mark on history.

When artificial intelligence creates its own artificial intelligence and continues this process, the level of intelligence of humans will be inadequate at this advanced stage. So, whose hands will the power fall into?

Artificial intelligence needs emotions and ambitions to be able to act in this way.

Can artificial intelligence have emotions?

Emotions, feelings, and ambition are characteristics that are applicable to biological beings. But the robot in front of us has no emotions or feelings. Machines programmed by humans to not have the ability to feel or think emotionally.


If artificial intelligence systems developed by robots in the future and that we have difficulty understanding transfer this skill to a biological being!

I leave the answer to this question to your imagination…

The war between humans and robots

This may be the end point. If there are thinking, feeling, and more intelligent beings in front of us, this may be possible.

In such a case, humans will have prepared their own end with their own hands.

Is intelligence important? Is man a tool?

We feel so important that there may be a topic we are overlooking. Is intelligence using man as a tool? Does it see man as an environment that can develop itself? Maybe intelligence that has reached its limit in humans wants to transform into another form and continue to evolve. Or perhaps that is the process. Maybe it is the result of evolution.

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